Mayweather vs McGregor: Conor McGregor Post-fight Press Conference

After a strong performance against Floyd Mayweather in the biggest fight in combat sports history, Conor McGregor stopped by to discuss it with the media.

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  1. Good on McGregor for lasting 10 rounds, but he was never going to win. At least he’s taking it well; I would too if I was getting paid that much to lose.

  2. It was a good fight, but I think it was pretty inevitable that Mayweather was going to win. Still, respect for both of them, they’re both talented fighters.

  3. For what McGregor is he did a really good job. He isnt really built for the hard hitting boxing. He tired himself out and payed for it in the end. I think if he had another year to train the score would have been alot closer

  4. Given the fighting backgrounds of both guys, I wasn’t surprised with the outcome. McGregor did well given that he was out of his element.

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