Sweepstakes Rules & The Penalties For Not Following

First I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone for following our blog, reading and commenting on our articles. Without your support we would have closed up shop ages ago. The monthly sweepstakes giveaways are just a small way for us to say thanks and return the favor for your loyalty.

With that said there are rules to the sweepstakes. There aren’t many but there are a few. I’m pleased to say that 80% of you are honest and follow all the rules however there are always a select few that try to find ways to get around the rules. In my eyes that is cheating especially when you have people who play fair and are trying to win prizes. Honestly I would much rather have 100% loyal honest followers and if that means less of a following that is something I can certainly live with.

The 2 rules that are constantly being broken are copying and pasting the link to prove you shared the post about the hurricane victims. It’s very simple but more importantly could help someone out because you never know who might see it. It is very sad when we see people typing in a few letters or bogus links thinking they got away with it. I am not asking anyone to donate money just a quick share. I am not angry but this is more hurtful than anything.

The second rule that is being broken is the copy and pasted link of our sponsors. The same thing applies you definitely don’t have to click on anything you don’t want and I can respect that. However don’t try to cheat and past nonsense in there thinking you will get away with the entries. It’s certainly not fair for the people who are following the rules.

So we have come up with a solution… Starting tomorrow morning we will have to keep a log of everyone who has invalid entries. Specifically those 2 mentioned above. When the contest ends and a winner is chosen if they have invalid entries for anything we will just simply re-draw a new winner. A winner who has played fair and doesn’t have any invalid entries.

We will continue to have monthly sweepstakes probably forever lol. Again it is because of you guys we are still around but come on everyone let’s play fair 🙂

Good Luck

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  1. This is only fair because some of us take the time daily to enter in the hope of winning…and to have a cheater win is disheartening

    • You have my word a cheater won’t win any of our sweepstake giveaways. In fact you guys will see the videos of the drawings from now on as well 🙂

  2. I think that is only fair too. If I am taking the time to do everything correctly and someone who doesn’t follow the rules all the way through shouldn’t reep the benefits of a prize. Thank you for keeping people honest!

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