Confrontational Clothing Breaks in to the NFL

Confrontational Clothing owner and founder Wil Willis had been in talks with sports agent Pat. Did it help that both Pat and Wil grew up only miles apart in the State of New Jersey?  There is a certain code and loyalty New Jersians follow.  After 6 months of back and forth talks and a blessing from the NFL, Confrontational Clothing now sponsors two up and coming NFL talents. Denver Broncos line backer Quentin Gause and Chicago Bears full back Michael Burton.  Confrontational Clothing will be providing the “off the field” gear for both Michael and Quentin.
Confrontational Clothing currently sponsors mostly MMA fighters with a couple of X games athletes. Breaking into the NFL is huge and just proves that there is no ceiling when it comes to creating a following.  I mean hell, the NFL makes roughly 1.2 billion in sponsorship money annually. Obviously Confrontational Clothing can’t compete or even afford to sponsor every player but we are just taking it 2 at a time. What may be crumbs to the NFL can be quite the boost for the little guys. We hope to expand and sponsor more players in the near future. Pictures of Burton and Gause with our clothing will be posted soon.
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